Soups For                                     The Soul

PROUDLY SERVING Northern Virginia since 1997

JJ Deli has proudly established a reputation for making Award Winning BBQ. What is not widely known, is that JJ Deli has a reputation for making Delicious, Healthy, Homemade from scratch soups. Over the years we have mostly offered these soups for dine in customers only during the winter months.

This year, my business partner and wife, suggested that we offer our delicious homemade soups to go. So we are starting #soupsforthesoul. Each week we will offer 3 delicious homemade soups, there will be at least one Vegetarian Soup offered each week. The soups will be packaged in a microwavable 16 ounce container and include a fresh crusty roll. Each container of soup is $6.00. You do not need to order in advance, but it does not hurt. If you have a large order for your office, we can arrange delivery

The soups for the week of  February 20-26 are:

Smoked Turkey & Rice, Brunswick Stew, Navy Bean, Butternut Squash(v) 

Please note; due to our limited kitchen space and the demands for our soups, we are reducing the number of soups to 3 per week. However, additional soups may still be available. Please feel free to call and ask about what we have ready for you. Thank you once again for your support - Mangia